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Burton Staff Policies and Procedures

If there are any repairs or requests, please fill out a maintenance request. Maintenance Requests are available on the District website's FORMS section. The program is called School Dude. 

    • You will need to set up a password the first time you use it to login. Before you submit your request, it will ask you for a password. The password is Burton1.
    • We assign work according to when it was received and depending on if it is a safety related issue.

The following policies are in place for all classrooms across Burton District for the safety of students and to save on maintenance repairs and replacements.  Always follow these guidelines:

  • Paint: Please do not paint, change or do any modifications to classrooms, offices or any other spaces. 
    • If a room needs to be painted, you will need to fill out a maintenance request. 
    • Staff are never allowed to paint their own rooms. This must be done by maintenance staff.
  • HVAC Units: Please keep the doors closed at all times the HVAC System is operating. 
    • Allowing the doors to remain open causes severe damage to these units and is fiscally irresponsible. 
    • This includes gyms and cafeterias, which are our largest units and biggest users of energy.
  • Tape: Please do not use tape of any type on floors or carpets. We have thousands of dollars in damaged carpets district-wide from this practice. Even painters tape will ruin the carpets and damage floors.
    • Please do not use anything but “Blue Painters Tape” to tape items to walls. If items need to be taped to the exterior of a classroom or building, it is recommended that they be taped directly to a window. This is always easier to clean.
  • Fire Extinguishers: Please do not obstruct fire extinguishers or electrical panels. This is an ongoing issue with the Fire Department.
  • Paper/Material on doors and walls: Paper of any type is not allowed on the doors, these are exits for children and staff and this is mandated by the fire department.  Please refer to LINK TO PORTERVILLE FIRE DEPT document with the most currently adopted fire code by the State Fire Marshal.
    • Paper on walls must be kept 18” below the ceiling and 12” from the floor. 
    • Never cover an electrical outlet or an electrical panel
    • Fabric is not allowed unless it has been treated with fire retardant and is labeled as such.
    • No decorative materials are to be displayed from the ceiling.
  • Extension Cords: Extension cords are not allowed in classrooms per the Fire Department. Power strips can be used as long as they are not linked together.
  • Furniture in Classrooms: Furniture in classrooms that are covered in fabrics is not allowed unless they are fire retardant rated and carry a label indicating such. Furniture must be school type furniture purchased from a vendor that carries school grade items and not furniture from home. 
  • Candles/Scented Wax: Candles and scented wax (including plug-in air fresheners) are not allowed.
  • Chemicals and cleaning products: Chemical and cleaning products are to be stored in locked cabinets and areas that are inaccessible to students. 

Appliances in the Classroom: Due to the liability and property loss risk, appliances are not allowed in the classroom unless required for a part of the curriculum and approved by the site administrator. The purpose is to help control the potential for spillage, thus creating both slip and fall risk and extra custodial attention for cleanup and to mitigate possible rodent and insect problems that result from having food in the classroom. This also follows the District’s Integrated Pest Management Policy. From a liability standpoint, a student could suffer a scald or burn injury from either the hot appliance or from the heated material. Also, the appliance could malfunction or short out and result in an electrical shock to a student. From a property loss standpoint, the appliance could overheat or be inadvertently left on when unattended and cause a fire in the classroom. If this should occur during non-school hours the fire loss could be significant (there has been such loss). Appliances include but are not limited to: Coffee pots, microwaves, refrigerators, hot plates, air-fryers etc.