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TIP Handbook Page 9 (Help and Problem Solving)

Request for Mentor Reassignment

If at any time the pairing between the candidate and the mentor is perceived as unsuccessful for any reason, this pairing may be revised.

It is the responsibility of the participants to inform the program of any challenges in this area.

A candidate or a mentor may contact the Dean of Burton Institute at any time to request a new pairing. Upon  receipt of such a request, the Dean of Burton Institute will contact both the candidate and mentor to obtain additional confidential information. 

Note: In cases when the mentor has provided partial services with BSD TIP, the reassignment of mentors will include consideration to prorate compensation. Newly assigned mentors’ compensation will also be prorated depending on the time remaining in the school year and the duties to be completed.

Program Extension Requests 

In the event that a Candidate requires additional time to demonstrate growth on the CSTPs a candidate can submit a request to extend the program. 

Extension requests can be made to the Dean of Burton Institute.