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TIP Handbook Page 5 (Early Completion Option)

  1. In accordance with CTC Induction Preconditions, BSD TIP makes an Early Completion Option available. An electronic application must be submitted and supporting documentation provided by September 15th. The Early Completion Option (ECO) is available for “experienced and exceptional” candidates who meet the following established program criteria.
  1. Candidates Must:
  • Hold a California Preliminary single subject, multiple subject, or education specialist credential
  • Be employed in a California public school
  1. “Experienced and Exceptional” Candidate Criteria:
  • Be able to document a minimum 2 years prior teaching experience as the teacher of record 
  • Be able to provide the most recent recent formal evaluation that demonstrates exceptional teaching performance 
  1. This option is designed to acknowledge the skills of teachers who have previous teaching experience, such that the induction program may be completed in one year rather than two. Upon successful completion of all induction requirements, candidates will be recommended to CTC for a clear credential. BSD TIP is responsible for determining if the ECO candidate has met all program requirements. The ECO candidate must demonstrate that s/he has the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies required of all teacher candidates who complete the full-length induction program. If the ECO candidate does not complete the program requirements and/or meet program deadlines, the Dean of Burton Institute and/or the Executive Director of HR may revoke the ECO status and the candidate will need to complete a second year of the program.

 Click Here to acess ECO Application

Application for ECO is due: September 15, 2023